Hey, Merry Christmas! Here's an album that I recorded in the year 2000, back when CDs were a thing. It's better than you expect. But still: what was I thinking?!

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Notes and Miscellany:

You can buy this in physical (compact disc) form at Amazon.

I also have around 2000 pristine, shrink-wrapped CDs in my garage. If you have a great idea for how to use 100 or 1000 of these, let me know and they're yours. Email me at my firstname at thiswebsite.com.

You can also write a review at Amazon, which doesn't really accomplish much, but is a warm fuzzy.

Or you can listen and review at Soundcloud.

This was recorded at the phenomenal Bill Hare Productions in Milpitas, CA, and arranged by the also phenomenal Ed Goldfarb.

And features some of the best musicians in the Bay Area. Seriously, these cats are amazing.